Issue 107

Issue 107


Hey there. I hope you're all well and enjoying the summer or winter if you're in the southern hemisphere.

Remember that guitar effects pedal I was working on? Well, I'm excited to announce that it's done and available for pre-order.

I went through three revisions, which are pictured below. I had a vision for the aesthetics, so I was set on using specific push-button switches. However, I ran into fit issues with the switches because they are taller than the other components, making it impossible to mount them on the main board. So, I had to get creative and move the switches to a daughterboard that pokes through the main board.

All in all, I'm stoked about how it ended up.

The SR-01 is a fuzz pedal with a two-stage transistor circuit that goes from subtle overdrive to distortion and fuzz. There's also a fixed high-pass filter, a first-order low-pass filter, and input attenuation so it can take line-level instruments and synths.

You can check out the demo video on Superlunar, where you can also pre-order the pedal. If you do, don't forget to use your AisleOne discount code.


Photo by Romain Laprade

Centre Sportif Jules Ladoumègue

This stunning athletics centre was designed in 1970 by architect Jean Peccoux. Photographer Romain Laprade captures its modernist beauty in this series.

Sucker for Soccer

Excellent poster series by designer Zoran Lucic honoring football legends of the last 50 years.

Sociotype Journal Issue #3

The new issue of the type specimen/magazine explores the theme "Home." It looks at Potemkin villages and replica cities, McMansions and sham castles, cube farms and hot desks; spite fences, coffin homes, hippie communes, suburban malls, Cold War-era radar stations and more.

Light Phone III

A typographic phone UI is so appealing to me. If Apple did this, I'd be all over it.

LogoArchive is a comprehensive archive of modernist logos that have been digitized, categorized, and tagged, making it easy to get inspired and learn more about logo design. AisleOne Digest members enjoy a 20% discount on all orders. Become a paid member to access this perk and more.

Blank Tapes

Cozy Pine Studio in San Antonio, Texas, photographed by Luis Garvan.

Somewhere in Laurel Canyon

A 2017 LA Weekly profile of Melvins singer-guitarist Buzz Osborne and his wife, graphic artist Mackie Osborne.

Listening to...

Cerca — Pole Star Antenna

Buzzcocks — Singles Going Steady

Dilly Dally - Heaven

TypoCircle: Matt Lamont – Collecting, Curating and Preserving Histories

Study on interactive 3D camera type mapping

The Future of Type

From ice-cream shops to motels, why are design agencies launching bricks-and-mortar businesses?

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