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Issue No. 3

Woman Made: Great Women Designers
Woman Made: Great Women Designers is a new book published by Phaidon that is a visual celebration of more than 200 women product designers from the early twentieth century to the present day. Written by Jane Hall, the book features icons such as Ray Eames, Eileen Gray, Florence Knoll, Ilse Crawford, Faye Toogood, and Nathalie du Pasquier. Accompanying the book is a nice website that includes studio visits and info on a scholarship program.
1976 Denver Winter Olympics
I’m obsessed with design systems for past Olympic games, mainly the designs for the 1972 Olympics in Munich, and the 1976 Olympics in Montréal. But that one that fascinates me the most is the identity for the 1976 Olympics in Denver. That’s right, Denver, Colorado. Obviously, it never happened, but Massimo Vignelli, Bob Noorda and their team at Unimark designed an entire identity for it.
Designer and filmmaker Doug Wilson has written a three-part series about the failed 1976 Denver Winter Olympics.
Porsche Graphic Identity
A short Petrolicious article about Hanns Lohrer, a pioneer of German postwar graphic design, and his role in shaping the Porsche brand during the 50s and 60s.
Lohrer, partly pulling a page out of the American advertising illustration playbook, took the focus off the car, and put it firmly on the “lifestyle”.
Viktoriya Sreda Interior Designer
Beautiful interior designs by Viktoriya Sreda. I think these are 3D renderings, which just blows my mind how real they look. Either way, love her style and attention to detail.
Spin Wong Kar Wai
Dig this campaign designed by SPIN ‘In Love. The Cinema of Wong Kar Wai’, a season dedicated to Hong Kong film director Wong Kar Wai.
Jack Forrest Designer
Jack Forrest is an Australian designer who designs a poster a day and they’re all so damn good. The colors, the bold typography and the minimal illustrations all come together to create something new and fresh. Head to his Instagram account to check out all the posters, and you can grab a print from his shop.
Superlative SB01
Having produced my own music, I have a strong appreciation for vintage synthesizers, not only as musical instruments but also as design objects. For me, the perfect synth sounds unique and is beautiful.
The SB01 from Superlative checks all the boxes. It seamlessly merges analog circuitry, modern tech, and beautiful product design. Based on the legendary Roland SH-101 monophonic analog synthesizer, the SB01 is the world’s thinnest and first rechargeable analog synth. I need one.
J. Quazi King Photography
Beautiful portrait work by NYC photographer, J. Quazi King. You can find more his photography on his Instagram account.
Nicholas Britell ‘Succession’ Theme Song
In this Vanity Fair video, composer and pianist Nicholas Britell details how he composed the main theme song and score for HBO’s Succession. This is one of my favorite scores ever. I watch the title sequence before every episode just so I can hear the theme song.  Out-of-scale notes and minor chords, a classical motif on top of a grimy 90s hip hop beat. It all comes together to create a dark and gritty dissonance that connects back to the characters in the show.
J Dilla Donuts
J Dilla is one of the most influential hip-hop producers of all time, and his album Donuts is considered one of the greatest albums of all time. He was a magician on a sampler, able to chop up samples and create entirely new sounds and melodies. Check out this video of Questlove discussing Dilla’s sampling techniques, and this Vox Earworm episode on how JD humanized his MPC3000. He was so influential that his Moog synth and Akai sampler are in the Smithsonian in Washington, DC. 
J Dilla produced and recorded Donuts while lying in a hospital bed suffering from lupus. He died three days after its release, but he left us with a timeless instrumental hip-hop masterpiece.
Favorite track: Don’t Cry
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