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AisleOne Digest - Issue No. 5

AisleOne Digest
Issue No. 5

Carsten Beck Paintings
Carsten Beck is an artist from Denmark that creates these wonderful geometric abstract paintings, usually featuring big blocks of black on a white canvas.
Process Pattern
Process+Pattern is a selection of exciting work by Nigel Cottier, a Principal Designer at Accept & Proceed who’s worked on projects for Nike, Rapha, NASA, BMW, and Apple.
M.Giesser Design Studio 
M.Giesser is a Melbourne-based design studio led by Mike Giesser that produces some of my favorite work. Mike admits that his work doesn’t have an overt design signature, but I think it does. The simple, brutalist aesthetics form a distinct style that I love.
Fran Silvestre Arquitectos House on a Cliff
House on a Cliff is a modern home in Spain that seems to float on the edge of a cliff. I love every inch of this place, my wife not so much. 🤷🏼‍♂️
For Promotional Use Only A24 Films
For Promotional Use Only is a book from A24 Films that features over 160 marketing artifacts of Hollywood films from 1975-2005. I’m fascinated by all the crazy swag that must be in this book. I need that satin jacket for The Color Purple.
Yamaha TC 800
I have a thing for vintage electronics, mostly because of the weird/fun minimal industrial designs featured in these products, something that we’ve seemed to have lost in most modern electronics. The Yamaha TC 800 is one of those vintage products that just oozes in design goodness. Designed in 1975, the TC 800 was a high-end cassette deck designed by Mario Bellini that sported a boxy wedge shape that sat at an angle.
Jason Hunter
The muted colors and shooting at a large fstop give Jason’s photography a painting-like feel. His photos remind me of summer and ice cream. Check out his downloadable zine featuring pics from a trip to Disney.
Another Day Short Film
Another Day is a story of a young scientist who invented a device to bring back a close friend she lost at a young age. Interesting story, and the film is so beautifully shot. It was written and directed by Tiffany Frances, with cinematography done by Fletcher Wolfe. The film was the winning story for The Spark, a project by Lexus and ELLE which aimed at driving the work of female and non-binary identifying filmmakers to the forefront of the conversation.
College Heritage
College is the moniker of David Grellier, a French electronic music composer. His third full-length album, Heritage, is deeply influenced by American 1980s pop culture with hints of French dance music reminiscent of Daft Punk. I play this album a lot when I’m designing. A good electronica album that gets the creative juices flowing.
Favorite track: Frontière
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