AisleOne Digest - Issue No. 6


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AisleOne Digest
Issue No. 6

Joe Bottoni MIT Poster
Love this 1973 poster design by Joe Bottoni for a Massachusetts Institute of Technology exhibition. Curious about the odd alignment of “Team” and if it was a conscious decision or a print error.
Zeiss Ikon Brochures
While looking for the manual for my 1980s Contax SLR, I came across these fun vintage brochure covers for Zeiss Ikon cameras. Based on the style and the cameras, these covers seem to be from the 1950s, but not sure who designed them.
Norm: Dimension of Two
Swiss design studio Norm has produced a book titled Dimension of Two that accompanies their museum exhibition, It’s Not Complicated, at the Museum of Design Zurich. Both the book and exhibit present their vision of the most fundamental elements and laws of graphic art, both today and in the future.
Krista Mezzadri Visual Artist
Krista Mezzadri is an artist based Buffalo, NY that creates gorgeous art using a method called trace-monotype printmaking, a printing process that transfers ink by tracing on the backside of the paper. Krista also incorporates constructive collage-making, Japanese tissue paper, rice paste, wood panels that all come together to create these dimensional visuals.
Husmee Design Studio
Husmee is a Spain-based graphic design studio that specializes in identity design. Lots of great work in their portfolio.
The Power Of The Dog Character Posters
More movie studios need to make character posters with their releases. I’m really enjoying these for Jane Campion’s The Power Of The Dog. Heard the film was good, too.
Kyle McDougall
Kyle McDougall is a Canadian photographer that shoots some beautiful photos on film. He also has a great YouTube channel full of helpful photo tips and film gear reviews. 
Taylor Swift All Too Well
Taylor Swift wrote and directed this short film for her song All Too Well. In a time when music videos have become ridiculous, it’s nice to see someone trying to bring some storytelling and style back into them. What also makes this film special is that it was all shot on 35mm film, and it looks wonderful. The cinematography was handled by Rina Yang, and here’s an interview with her where she talks about shooting the film.
Air Moon Safari
Most of you have probably already listened to Air’s 1998 album, Moon Safari. If you haven’t, definitely have a listen. It was one of the albums that helped shape the downtempo electronica genre. I’m mentioning it here mainly to share this article with Air and the story behind the album. 
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