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AisleOne Digest - Issue No. 2
Form: Internationale Revue Covers by Max BillI stumbled onto these beautiful covers for Form magazine designed by Max Bill in 1959. I’ve never seen these before, so really excited to discover them. You can check out more Form cover designs on the excellent site Design Reviewed.
AisleOne Digest - Issue No. 7
Expo 67 Canadian Pulp and Paper PavilionAlong with the 1976 Denver Winter Olympics poster, the Pulp and Paper Pavilion poster for Expo67 is my holy grail of vintage design objects. Unlike the Denver poster, I’ve never found it for sale, and I’ve been looking for over a decade. It’s rare and perfect.…
AisleOne Digest - Issue No. 10
Jacqueline S. Casey (1927-1992)I’ve highlighted some of Jacqueline S. Casey’s work on the AisleOne blog in the past. Her body of work is so prolific and extraordinary that it’s an injustice to only mention it once. For those who aren’t familiar with her work, Jacqueline S. Casey was an American grap…
Issue No. 13
I saw this tweet the other day about this record cover designed by Ronald Clyne in 1960 that includes the mechanical paste-ups archived at the Smithsonian.
Issue No. 17
This past Tuesday was International Women’s Day, and to celebrate this important day, this issue is all about creative women and the inspiring work they’re producing. Enjoy!

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