A1 Mixtape 4

A1 Mixtape 4

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Ok, now for the mixtape.

For this one, we're going back 20 years to the early 2000s. Mixtape 4 is a collection of songs I was heavily listening to during that time. The early aughts were a significant moment in my life. During the 90s, I mainly listened to hip-hop and grunge, so this was when I began to fall in love with electronic music. I had just dropped out of art school and took my first web design role creating Flash websites, and I met an incredible woman who would become my wife.

Mixtape 4 contains multiple genres and includes music from Boards of Canada, Sigur Rós, LTJ Bukem, To Rococo Rot, Thievery Corporation, Tosca, Blue States, Portishead, and more. Each track instantly takes me back to that time. Spending hours at a record shop (remember those?) discovering new music. This is the soundtrack of that era. I hope you enjoy it.