Issue 100

Issue 100


I just noticed that this is the 100th issue of AisleOne Digest. I guess that's some kind of milestone. Thank you all for reading my little newsletter.

In other news, I'm making progress on my guitar pedal. I'm happy with the sound of the circuit. It's a raspy overdrive you can push into heavy fuzz territory with a gain switch. There's also a switch for cutting off high frequencies to smooth the clipping. The next step is to solder a prototype into an enclosure.

Speaking of the enclosure, I've started thinking about the aesthetics of the pedal and mocked this up. Keeping it simple and clean, with a nod to vintage Braun.

If you play guitar and are interested in testing out the pedal, let me know.

More soon. Ciao.





Check out this lovely old French calendar. It consists of cards for the month, day, and date that slide into a chrome housing.