Issue 101

Issue 101


Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great holiday season.

During the holiday break, I spent time working on my music and the guitar pedal. I made excellent progress. The plan is to release the album next month, and the pedal is almost in the production phase. I had to learn how to draw a PCB board and all the intricacies of manufacturing a circuit board. It's been lots of fun.

I also spent the last few weeks thinking about the future of this newsletter. When I started the email two years ago, sending it out once a week sounded very doable, and it was for a bit. But over time, I kept adding more and more to it, and things in my personal life have changed, so it's become tough and stressful to put out a quality newsletter of this size every week. 

A change needs to happen, so starting with this issue, I'm adjusting the frequency and format of the emails. Instead of once a week, the free newsletter will go out 1-2 weekends a month. The content will now be more link-based, with fewer images. I'm doing this because gathering images and finding all the credits takes up a lot of time. It's the majority of the work. Don't worry; there will be images, just fewer of them. The frequency of the Monday Inspiration email that's part of a paid subscription will remain the same.

Lastly, this newsletter runs on the Ghost platform. I love it, but it has become too expensive for my little newsletter. $780 a year, to be exact. The paid subscriptions covered it for a while, but new subscriptions have stalled, and many paid memberships are churning. So, I need to find a more affordable service to move to. If you have any recommendations, let me know. Buttondown seemed like a good option, but it would be even more expensive than Ghost at their 5,000+ member plan.

That's all for now. I hope you enjoy the issue, and let me know what you think of the new format. Thanks for reading.



Steff Geissbühler

A portfolio of classic brand and corporate identity programs.



A new high-quality, affordable film camera from Manual NYC.



A beautiful new art and design shop in the Catskills, New York.


Aaron Poe

The portfolio of California-based creative director Aaron Poe.


The Landing House

A Mojave Desert home photographed by Ye Rin Mok.


Tiny Kitchen

The small, bright kitchen in the home of chef Johnnie Collins.


Listening to...

A Place to Bury Strangers — Exploding Head

Midwife & Viva Melinkolya — Orbweaving

King Hannah — Tell Me Your Mind and I'll Tell You Mine


Web Typography: Baseline Grids Made Easy

Vitsœ: A Purpose-Driven Company

How the Nintendo Zapper Worked

Grod: A curated place for minimalistic design, fashion and goods


To offset the carbon emissions of this newsletter, I plant a tree for every issue to help restore forests and protect biodiversity.