Issue 102

Issue 102

Making a physical product is hard. Honestly, the hardest part is finding the right manufacturers. You'd think it would be easy with the internet, but many companies either don't have websites or take forever to respond. Luckily, I've found two great PCB assembly and enclosure manufacturers. They're both in the process of building a prototype, so I'm excited to see it. Hopefully, there are no errors.🤞🏻

In the meantime, I created a mockup (photo below) to test the layout and clearance. I drilled out the enclosure and mounted the hardware with tape since it has no guts. For the graphics, I just got clear labels at Staples and printed the artwork onto them. It worked out pretty well. This is very close to how the final product will look, except the enclosure paint will be an 80s computer beige.

I'm also going to have custom boxes made, so I'm researching packing manufacturers and working on a design now. Almost there.


1960s Geometric Class Chart

Mid-century French classroom posters used to teach shape and color recognition. Grad a set from Present & Correct.

Lofree Block Keyboard and Mouse

I love this retro-inspired keyboard and mouse by Lofree. That 80s beige and gray combo does it for me.

Dan Jonsson

The work of Swedish graphic designer and illustrator.

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Aristide Benoist

Aristide Benoist is a developer who specializes in motion and interaction.

Angela Hau

Stylish architectural photography by NY photographer Angela Hau.

The Wyle House

A stunning mid-century glass house designed by architect John Rex in 1961.

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Bully — Lucky for You

The Smile — Wall of Eyes

breathe. — Breathe. - EP

BTS of dolly shot on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Shortverse — Online collections of the best new short films

T-Pain's incredible cover of Black Sabbath's War Pig

Drawling — An art, books, and creative supplies shop in Oakland

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