Issue 103

Issue 103

Image via Canada Modern

Ernst Roch

Inspiring mid-century design work by Canadian graphic designer Ernst Roch, one of the pioneers of the ‘International Typographic Style’ in Canada.

View more of his work here, here, here, and here.

"Eno" Sundance Premiere Poster

Build designed this limited edition poster for Gary Hustwit’s documentary “Eno” featuring a photo collage inspired by the generative software developed by digital artist Brendan Dawes.

Atelier Kalle Hellzén

Stunning work by colorblind artist Kalle Hellzén.

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Scout Editions

Brother and sister, Wai and Pui. Pui are the minds behind Scout Editions, a paper goods brand and design practice based in London. I love their line of stationery.

Fred Troller Design

Unit Editions' latest book is the first comprehensive survey of the work of a pioneering Swiss graphic designer Fred Troller.

The project is being funded over at Volume.


I dig these lo-fi black and white audio/visual art created by sound and visual artist Tokamu.

Listening to...

Strange Wilds — Subjective Concepts

The Thermals — Personal Life

Moby — Destroyed

Screenings of Gary Hustwit's new film about musician Brian Eno

The awful new logo for the L.A. Clippers basketball team

The growth-at-all-costs economy that's swallowed the tech industry

Why True Detective’s 6-Minute Tracking Shot Is More Than Just ‘Awesome’

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